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If you are a local artist and are interested in showing your work in our gallery, here is some information to know before applying.

We accept all mediums including: painting, photography, jewelry, textiles, wood, glass, clay, mixed media, and many others. 

  • Our  Local Artists are required to work at least one shift per month.  

  • Display Walls are $70-$200 per month, depending on the wall size and location.

  • Once approved to join setup admin fee is $100

  • Application process takes up to 4 weeks

Artists may submit up to ten (10) digital images representative of available work or work in progress for consideration as applications become available. Please include dimensions, title and medium in conjunction with each image. Images can be sent as low-resolution JPEG or PNG attachments, along with an electronic copy of the Art a La Carte Submission 


Join Our Gallery

For more information email Nikki at


Images must be labeled using your name and the number (Example: JDoe_1.jpeg; JDoe_2.jpeg; etc.) We will also accept high resolution images as long as they are shared through Google Drive or Dropbox.

We Look Forward to Meeting You!

Before Applying For Our Gallery


Do your research

 Visit our gallery and see if your art would be a good fit. Check out our website too. See what types of art and artists are featured. This will help you gain insight into our vibe and whether or not your work complements our aesthetic. Note that no 2 artists in our galley do similar work.


Do not bring work into the gallery. Unless asked by jury committee to do so

Unsolicited visits by eager artists are rarely welcomed. Please do not show up unannounced and expect to have your work seen.  For those that move forward in the jury process after the application is submitted will be met by 1-2 members of the jury team.


Do not show photos on your phone.

While pictures on your cell phone are easy to access we would much rather you send us a more professional way to view your work. Links to your website or high resolution photos are a better way to view the details of your fabulous work. 


Advertise your brand.

As an artist, YOU are a brand. Be ready to sell yourself with a professional business card and/or brochure. Most social media is free, use it to create followers and collectors. Add good photos and maintain/update it regularly. Consider creating a website for a more professional look. 


Quality Counts.

Make your photos the best they can be, because quality counts. Consider having professional pictures taken of your artwork. Good lighting and high quality images can make a big difference.


Make a statement,

Your biography should include your education, exhibitions and awards and your artist statement should explain your work in a few sentences. Our gallery, and ultimately the buyers want to know why you created the work. Make it meaningful.

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